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Twin has been working as a trusted partner with India's top Laminator manufacturers since the last 10 years. Twin's NexGen Pump, owing to its revolutionary features, has quickly become the first choice for Manufacturers, End users and large-scale FMCG companies switching to solventless lamination, to emerge as the largest selling 2K Pump (Mixer) in India.

The NexGen 2k Pump comes with totally new, highly advanced German Design and Engineering. Featuring imported components, and assembled at Twin's state-of- the-art facility in India, the NexGen Pump offers the best of design, quality, performance, cost-effectively.




Twin's 2k Adhesive pumps are used by some of the leading manufacturers of packaged food products such as biscuits, snacks, groceries etc. in their solvenless packaging. The Adhesive Dispensing Pumps come with advanced features to continuously monitor quality, efficiency and consistency - essential to ensuring cost-effective packaging.

Consumer Goods

Leading Laminator brands and manufacturers of FMCG products such as soaps, detergents, essentials, personal care products rely on Twin's Adhesive Dispensing Pumps for their solventless packaging. The adhesive mixing and dispensing parameters can be easily configured to efficiently meet the specific needs/norms of these products.


Packaging for pharma products comes with specific needs of mixing and dispensing odor or reaction free specialised adhesives. Twin's Adhesive Dispensing Pumps are well proven for a variety adhesive materials from leading manufacturers. The Pumps can be seamlessly integrated with Laminators, Auto-Refill systems to provide clean, accurate mixing for stringent processes specifications.

NexGen Solventless Mixer

Industry's Most Advanced Pump with Best Cost Economics!

Twin's NexGen 2k pump is specially designed for high flow rate requirements and high viscosity components. The Mixer is equipped with precision metering gear pumps & on the fly GSM calculations.

  • Continuous GSM (G/m2) Calculations
  • High Capacity metering pump for high volume production
  • Continuous Tank Level Monitoring
  • Intelligent Temperature Control

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  • Compact design for easy integration

  • Double hoses with precise temperature control to minimize the start-up time

  • Independent temperature set points for both the components

  • Variable flow in sync with the consumption

  • Non-drip gun with adjustable valves to prevent dripping


Floor Area 1.3m (L) X 0.8m (W) X 1.5m (H)
Pneumatic Compressed Air (6 bar)
Flow Rate 4.8 LPM and 8 LPM (for 1:1 ratio)
Tank Size 60 Ltr.
Power 3 Phase, 440 VAC, 50 Hz
(Connected Load 2.5 Kw)
Suitable for Laminator speed - Up to 500 mts/min
Material viscosity - More than 20k cps

Mono-Component Pump

Ideal for Lamination of Paper to Polyester and Paper to Metalised Foil Lamination

Twin's Mono-component pump is ideal for single component adhesive dispensing & comes with option of direct loading of 200 ltr drum. The ramp plate of the drum is heated with gangs of heaters which heats the material. Easy lifting of pump means effortless changeover for drums.

  • Precise control over the temperature of adhesive
  • Quick start up time of just 15 mins after loading of drums
  • Electrically driven pump to ensure smooth pumping

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  • Temperature controller maintains temperature within the tolerance of +/- 2℃

  • Heated hose to maintain consistent outlet temperature for the adhesive

  • Easy lifting of pump for drum changeover

  • Drum empty signal


Maximum Hose Length Up to 4 Mtr
Flow Rate 1-1.5 LPM @ 70 to 80 ℃
Outlet Temperature of Adhesive 70 to 80 ℃ ( Settable up to 100 ℃)
Drum Loading/Unloading Manual

Auto Re-fill Systems

Auto-Refill of Adhesives To Ensure Continuous Hassle-Free Operations

The auto-refill solutions from Twin completely eliminates human errors involved in manual handling, which results in lesser maintenance costs and enables higher production.Further, bulk purchasing of adhesives is relatively cheaper and generates additional savings.

  • Eliminate Material Wastage Due To Overfilling, Spillage during Manual Handling
  • Prevents NCO/OH Contamination Caused By Exposure of Material to External Dust, Moisture, Etc
  • Eliminates Laminator Downtime Due To Drum Changeover by the Operator

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  • Ultrasonic level sensor to continuously monitor NCO/OH levels

  • Minimum and maximum levels for NCO/OH can be set

  • LED indicator & buzzer for minimum level of NCO/OH in 2K pump

  • Insulated heated hoses to retain the temperature of NCO during transfer

  • Silica gel breather to keep the material moisture-free


Pumping system Diaphragm Pump
Barrel Capacity 200 L each
Viscosity Upto 5000 cps

Smart Machines

  • Real Time Monitoring through Cellphone, Tablet and PCs
  • Data Logging and customized Reports
  • Built-in E-manuals for quick referral through HMI
  • Smart alerts to plan your predictive or routine maintenance



  • Atmospheric Casting
  • Combo System

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